BRIEF: The Coming Iris Recognition Revolution

In 2013, Apple introduced its first smartphone to feature a fingerprint scanning system, Touch ID. BRIEF: The Coming Iris Recognition RevolutionJust a few years later, fingerprint scanning technology can be found in smartphones from a wide range of device makers, and is increasingly finding its way onto other devices like tablets and laptops. Apple, as perhaps the top prestige brand in the smartphone market, had helped to launch a technological revolution, with other companies seeking to emulate its success.

Now, Samsung may be poised to do the same thing for iris scanning. Having stumbled in its initial attempt to bear the iris scanning flag with its aborted Note7 smartphone, the company achieved surer footing with the launch of its iris-scanning Galaxy S8 devices earlier this year.

Has it launched a revolution? It’s too early to say. But there are signs that one may be getting underway.

For one thing, one of the biggest fingerprint sensor providers in the market just finalized its acquisition of an iris scanning specialist, while other biometrics specialists seek to refine their technologies for mobile applications:

FPC Finalizes Delta ID Acquisition

EyeLock Gets Approval For Mobile Iris Scanning Patent

Meanwhile, there is some long-standing speculation that Apple may actually be seeking to emulate Samsung technology for a change:

Is Iris Scanning Coming To iPhone?

And for its part, Samsung is looking to keep the ball rolling by making iris scanning central to a growing payments ecosystem:

Samsung Aims to Enable IoT ‘Payment Ecosystem’ with Iris Biometrics

Mastercard Focuses on Identity Check Opportunity with Galaxy S8 Iris Authentication

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)