BRIEF: Airport Facial Recognition Takes Off Around the World

While government authorities have been exploring biometric border screening for years, facial recognition is clearly the ascendant traveler processing solution at a growing number of airports around the world.BRIEF: Airport Facial Recognition Takes Off Around the World This year has seen a flurry of activity as government authorities and airport administrators have raced ahead in their efforts to use face biometrics technologies to improve security and efficiency in passenger processing.

Here are some of the more notable recent developments:

Some of the busiest airports in the world are involved in an APAC airport screening boom:

Baidu Facial Recognition Tech Coming to Beijing Airport

Changi Airport to Host Open House for Biometric Terminal

Japanese Gov’t Preparing Biometric Airport Screening

Europe is also seeing rising demand for the technology:

Biometric Screening Arrives at Heathrow Airport

Venice Airport Authorities Plan Expansion of Biometric eGates

Air France-KLM CEO Urges Authorities to Speed Airport Screening with Biometrics

Meanwhile, existing biometric screening programs are evolving:

Australian Government Hires Vision-Box to Provide Contactless Airport Screening Tech

NZ Authorities Test Family-Focused Biometric Screening Solution at Christchurch Airport

And in the US, border and travel authorities continue to expand their biometric screening activities:

CBP Begins Talks with Privacy Advocates on Biometric Border Screening

TSA Launches Biometric Boarding Pass Pilots at Atlanta, Denver Airports

CBP Brings Biometric Screening to Las Vegas Airport