Brazilian Airport to Use Biometric Border Control By August

Come August, travelers passing through São Paulo International Airport in Guarulhos (GRU Airport) that are over the age of 18 and have an electronic passport will be in full control of their in-terminal experience. This is thanks to the automated border control eGates being installed in terminals two and three at GRU, which will leverage facial recognition and secure documents to provide passengers with an autonomous experience free of contact with federal police.

The technology is being provided by Vision-Box, a company whose frictionless ideal of airport security is innovative and well known in the vertical market. The company has long held the vision of an airport experience in which authorized travelers are in control of their security experience, having biometrics measured at various checkpoints instead of having to line up for interactions with airport authority personnel.

Passengers will be able to proceed directly to the eGates and submit their passport. The document is checked for validity and any red flags that would prevent travel, like a criminal record. The eGate then scans the traveler’s face in order to confirm that the passport does in fact belong to them. If there is a discrepancy in any of these areas, the federal police will intervene.

This is all in the name of improving traveler experience without compromising security.

“Improving the passenger experience and the levels of safety are priorities for the administration of the GRU Airport,” says  Luiz Ritzmann, GRU Airport’s IT director. “With the demand growth recorded in the last decade in Brazil, increasing airport infrastructure will require cutting-edge technology as well as to optimize their processes, streamlining the flow of passengers in different areas (check-in, X-ray security, immigration and emmigration control, customs and baggage claim). In this context, it is urgent to invest in the modernization of systems and equipment. And that’s what we are doing in Guarulhos.”

This coming deployment should not come as much of a surprise, the automated border control eGates and kiosks market is on the rise, according to recent research by Acuity Market Intelligence. findBIOMETRICS explored this growth market and its implications in a two-part webinar series presented in partnership with Acuity.

June 16, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter