Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Identified Using NEC Solution in Simulation by MSU

NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a leader and provider of advanced IT, communications, managed services and biometric solutions announced today that its NeoFace® Facial Recognition Software solution achieved high accuracy and was used to identify a suspect of the Boston Marathon Bombing in an independent study by Michigan State University (MSU) that included a simulation of the post-bombing forensic work. 

 The published results of this study challenge the media reports of the post-Boston Bombing investigation that created a common perception that facial recognition technology is not always reliable as it apparently wasn’t a factor when identifying suspects. The study examined in a simulation of the post-Boston Bombing forensic work the reliability of the automated facial recognition (AFR) software to assist law enforcement in identifying suspects.

Actual law-enforcement video from the bombing was used by the MSU researchers in the simulation who searched it against a background database of 1 million law enforcement booking images. A “rank one” identification (or match) of suspect number two was produced by the NEC NeoFace solution.

  “As conditions in the study were simulated to be representative of actual crime scene situations, including the limited, poor quality images available to the investigators of the Boston Marathon Bombings, the strong performance of the NEC solution is significant,” said Raffie Beroukhim, vice president of NEC’s Biometrics Solutions Division.

 The NEC NeoFace solution consistently registered highly accurate facial matching scores in the simulation study by MSU. 

The actual paper released by MSU on evaluating automatic facial recognition technology can be found at

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