Bodet Launches Kelio Visio X4 Biometric Punch Clock

Bodet has launched the Kelio Visio X4 – a new version of its Kelio Visio X7 biometric time and attendance tracking terminal.

Bodet Launches Kelio Visio X4 Biometric Punch ClockLike its award-winning predecessor, the Kelio Visio X4 can read both smart cards and fingerprints, and automatically updates staffing records in real time. It also features an internal messaging service and a web browser, and it introduces an additional camera option to further clamp down on fraudulent ‘buddy punching’ practices. Perhaps most importantly, in a statement announcing the new system Bodet framed it as “a more cost effective option” than the X7.

The new offering arrives at a time of increasing excitement about biometric attendance tracking. There have recently been multiple construction site deployments in the UK alone, where the company is based, which bodes well for Bodet.

December 15, 2016 – by Alex Perala