Pop Cultural Identity Management – Alien: Resurrection

As I mentioned in the introductory post for this blog, everyone has their favorite representation (or misrepresentation) of biometrics in the media. Mine is from the Joss Whedon penned, Jean-Pierre Jeunet directed 1997 sci-fi action thriller Alien:Resurrection. As Ken Gantt said in his opening keynote at last year’s Biometric Consortium Conference in Tampa, Florida, this…

Pop Cultural Identity Management- The Intersection of Pop Culture and Biometrics

There is nothing interesting about a locked door. There is a coolness factor in biometric technology and it doesn’t come from algorithms, cloud technology, certifications or anti-spoofing. Much like the unhealthy act of smoking, or the destructive acts of gun violence, people are exposed to biometrics most of all through the media (albeit in a…

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