Black Friday Deals Come With Digital Threats: NuData

It’s Black Friday, and that means the holiday season kicks off today. Accordingly, NuData security is raising the alarm about digital security threats as more shoppers place orders online.

Black Friday Deals Come With Digital Threats: NuDataThe company says that according to an analysis of its customer base using its NuDetech behavioral analytics platform, fraudsters are working harder than ever. Detected fraud activity at login has increased from four percent to 15 percent from this time last year, and while only 39 percent of new accounts were fraudulent last year, that number has risen to 60 percent this year. The company also reports a 128 percent increase in “sophisticated scripted attacks” ahead of the holiday weekend, according to a statement from NuData.

Meanwhile, mobile use is up, which may be good news for the likes of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay; but that means fraud is moving into this domain, too. NuData says that while it deemed 11 percent of all mobile transactions to be “high risk” last year, that label now applies to 32 percent of mobile transactions this year.

Such threats can effectively be mitigated through more sophisticated user authentication mechanisms such as biometric fingerprint scanning and, of course, behavioral biometrics platforms like NuDetect.

November 25, 2016 – by Alex Perala