BioSSL Adds Facial Recognition to Web Security Platform

BioSSL Adds Facial Recognition to Web Security PlatformUK-based digital security solutions provider BioSSL has introduced a new biometric modality on its web security platform. The company now offers face recognition as a password replacement, or simply an additional security layer.

In a press release announcing the new system, the company was commendably candid about what the new biometric modality has to offer, with BioSSL CEO Johann Caubergh asserting, “Face Recognition does not replace the fingerprint or voice or iris,” and adding, “Every biometric technology has its pros and cons.” That is certainly true, and indeed facial recognition is often seen alongside other modalities, such as voice, in multi-factor systems in order to bolster security.

Caubergh went on to suggest that the introduction of facial recognition is part of BioSSL’s overall approach “to consult its its customers to integrate different biometric solutions, separate or combined, but with the focus to remain omni-channel and protect the identity and provider fully against cybercrime, fraud or hacking.”

Moreover, BioSSL’s algorithm supplier in this project is Ayonix, whose software was determined to be the second-fastest in facial recognition testing with the National Institute of Standards and Technology last year. The proven quality of Ayonix’s algorithm, together with BioSSL’s realistic and candid approach to biometric security, underlines the credibility of BioSSL’s platform.

September 23, 2015 – by Alex Perala