BioMini Combo Fingerprint Scanner Becomes Android-Compatible

Suprema has announced Android compatibility for its BioMini Combo fingerprint scanner.

BioMini Combo Fingerprint Scanner Becomes Android-CompatibleThe BioMini Combo is a FAP20 certified fingerprint scanner with RFID compatibility, allowing for two-factor authentication via fingerprint biometrics and NFC-capable smart cards. Like the recently announced BioMini Slim S, it’s also designed to function in outdoor deployments, even under direct sunlight. That portability should be further enhanced by its latest version’s Android compatibility, which will allow the scanner to be operated via an Android-based smartphone rather than through a desktop PC. That will occur via specialized Android apps “for ID projects including electronic ID and e-government applications,” according to a statement announcing the new Android compatibility.

The new Android-compatible scanner will be available for purchase starting in December, and in the meantime Suprema will offer a preview of the device at the Trustech 2016 event in Cannes starting November 29th.

November 8, 2016 – by Alex Perala