BIOMIG Airport Screening Offers Speed, Convenience, and Security in Colombia

Gemalto is providing further details on its BIOMIG project in Colombia. Commissioned by Migración Colombia, the initiative is being led by Gemalto and its local partner Incomelec SAS, with a technological assist from CMITech.BIOMIG Airport Screening Offers Speed, Convenience, and Security in Colombia

The project revolves around iris recognition, with Colombian citizens aged 12 and up able to enroll their biometrics at any of the 30 BIOMIG kiosks located in Bogota’s El Dorado International Airport. Having enrolled their iris data before leaving the country, citizens can re-enter simply by entering their national ID number on a touchscreen and then looking at an iris reader.

The iris scanning technology was provided by CMITech, whose EF-45 iris scanner has been integrated into the automated kiosks.

In a statement, Gemalto asserted that “up to 60” percent of airport arrivals in the country are Colombians returning from abroad, so the kiosks could have a big impact on reducing wait times and generally improving efficiency. And while the automated iris scanning solution improves “ease, speed and convenience for end users”, Gemalto Government Programs Latin America Sales Director Francesc Ortodo emphasized that the deployment means “Colombian citizens can now benefit from strong biometric security within a trusted environment.”

The deployment reflects a broader trend as airports around the world seek the dual benefits of improved security and efficiency with biometric airport screening systems.

May 3, 2018 – by Alex Perala