Biometrics Year in Review: The Dedicated Roundup

FindBiometrics’ 13th annual Biometrics Year in Review has reached its conclusion. The identity management industry’s longest running year end survey is an ambitious project and results in a great deal of content as our editorial team unpacks and deconstructs it all. This year, in order to keep you up to speed on the latest published results and commentary, we have created a dedicated roundup master post for your convenience.

Follow the links below to better understand how 2015 was the biggest year in biometrics yet and why the best is still to come.

Biometrics Year in Review: Dedicated Roundup

Biometrics Year in Review Dedicated Roundup:

Biometrics Year in Review: The Maturity of Consumer Biometrics

  • After a successful 2015 are consumer biometrics still in a nascent phase? Our respondents weigh in on the remaining potential of mainstream biometric tech.

Biometrics Year in Review: The Role of Public Perception

  • We asked our Year in Review survey respondents if they agreed that public perception was crucial. Here’s what they had to say.

Biometrics Year in Review: Biometrics Vs Terrorism

  • Just how effective do professionals familiar with identity management think biometric border control solutions are against terrorism?

Biometrics Year In Review: Stationary Biometrics

  • In a year of popular mobile innovations, where do the stationary identity solutions fit in?

Biometrics Year in Review: Top Modalities

  • Our survey respondents let us in on what they thought were the most exciting biometric modalities of 2015.

Biometrics Year in Review: Cooperation Makes it Happen

  • How strong of a role to alliances and consortia play in addressing the challenges faced by the identity management industry? See how our respondents feel.

Biometrics Year in Review: The Importance of Apple, et al

  • How important have Apple, Samsung, Google and Microsoft been in facilitating the biometric revolution? Our respondents weigh in.

Biometrics Year in Review: The Need for Liveness Detection

  • Our survey respondents weigh in on the importance of anti-spoofing technology.

Biometrics Year in Review: Password Date of Death

  • Will passwords be eradicated by 2020? See what our respondents had to say.

Biometrics Year in Review: The Importance of Education

  • Exactly how important is education on the topic of biometrics when it comes to adoption of strong authentication?

Biometrics Year In Review 2015: Top Applications

  • What has been the readers’ choice for top area of application in biometrics for the year 2015? Find out where your application of choice fit into the year end rankings.