Biometrics UnPlugged Announces Keynote Speakers: Samsung, Experian, and Bank of America

Biometrics UnPlugged, an identity industry summit now entering its second year, has just announced its lineup of speakers. Currently open for registration, the event made a big splash last September thanks to its high level of interactive discussion and high profile presenters.

Biometric Commerce

One of the big discussions at this year’s Biometrics UnPlugged will be on next generation commerce. Prepare for the discussion with our findBIOMETRICS primer on the topic.

This year, two speakers will be leading the discussion before an interactive panel brings all of the new ideas into practical focus. First on stage will be Steven Rahman, director of technology and strategy at Samsung. Rahman leads the user experience strategy team at Samsung, tasked with envisioning the future of how people interact with their devices.

Maxine Most, Principal Acuity Market Intelligence and Biometrics UnPlugged co-organizer comments, “This year’s speakers, from industry leaders Samsung and Experian, will provide invaluable insight into what the integration of commerce and mobility mean in a world where biometrics are playing an increasingly critical role in identity management and assurance. This is especially important as personal and organizational privacy and data protection are being challenged on multiple fronts and biometrics have the potential to exacerbate or alleviate this problem.”

Rahman will be followed by Philippe de Raet, vice president of Public Sector at Experian. de Raet is responsible for defining product strategy around Identity Management for Experian: a company deeply involved with the Bank of America.

To be held on September 15, 2014, at the Tampa Museum of Art, Biometrics UnPlugged is the first event in a major week for the industry. Immediately following the event is the IBIA Opening Reception and September 16 marks the start of this year’s Global Identity Summit (formerly the Biometric Consortium Conference).

Created and produced by findBIOMETRICS, Mobile ID World and Acuity Market Intelligence, Biometrics UnPlugged is a one-day conference that sets the tone for the rest of what is a very busy week in the identity management industry. Last year, the executive summit featured presentations from FIDO president Michael Barrett and Dr. John D. Halamka, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and CIO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

In preparation for this year’s Biometrics UnPlugged, the featured articles section of findBIOMETRICS has focused on dynamic topics of identity management. In July we looked at next generation commerce, this month we are examining privacy.

August 19, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter