Biometrics Can Make Summer Concerts a Breeze: BioSec

With summer well underway, BioSec is highlighting the utility of its BS RapidGuard solution for ticketing at outdoor festivals – and events of all kinds, for that matter.

The system is based on palm vein recognition, and can support 1:1 or 1:n biometric matching. In a summer concert scenario, that means that an attendee could be identified easily at the point of entry with a simple palm scan, and with no need for any additional documentation. Organizers taking advantage of such technology could do away with paper tickets and bracelets, cutting through administrative hassles and helping to improve the customer experience at the same time.

As BioSec CEO Péter Györgydeák explains in a statement, BS RapidGuard “can be set up faster than a tent and can be used literally everywhere, without the need for additional infrastructure.” What’s more, the system can operate online or offline, and is compatible with Microsoft’s Active Directory, offering flexibility to administrators.

In an age when biometric technology is being used to monitor audience members’ physiological responses to mind-blowing music, BioSec’s proposal offers a more straightforward and pragmatic application of the technology, one that could play its own small part in lifting the spirits of concertgoers this summer.