WebAuth, FinTech, the Apple Watch, and More in This Week’s Top Stories

Biometrics News - WebAuth, FinTech, the Apple Watch, and More in This Week's Top Stories

There’s always plenty of variety in the world of biometrics news, but this week’s crop of FindBiometrics’ most popular articles really runs the gamut across a number of fields.

First of all, there’s the perennial issue of strong online authentication. The news that GitHub – perhaps the world’s most popular ‘code repository’ for web development – had enabled WebAuthn support got a lot of attention, as it meant that a huge swath of professional web developers would be able to use their devices as second-factor security keys:

WebAuthn Support Brings Security Key, Biometric Authentication to Software Development Platform

On a similar note, news from finleap and Ping An indicated that financial services professionals in Europe will soon get access to some sophisticated FinTech tools, including biometric security technology:

finleap Brings Ping An’s OneConnect Technology to Europe

Switching gears completely, FindBiometrics readers were also taken with this week’s news of the latest big biometric e-passport deal:

Thailand Orders 15 Million Biometric e-Passports from Thales and Gemalto

And on the consumer side of things, many couldn’t resist the latest speculation about what new flagship products Apple plans to launch next month. In this case, there was some news about the next iteration of the Apple Watch:

What to Expect for the Next Apple Watch

Finally, there was some big news about a new digital identity project that is starting to take shape in the UK. It’s being spearheaded by Onfido and numerous other partners, and is proceeding under the auspices of the FCA:

Onfido Testing Portable Identity Solution in UK

August 30, 2019 – by Alex Perala