United Airlines Promotes Biometric Screening with CLEAR Investment

Biometrics News - United Airlines Promotes Biometric Screening with CLEAR Investment

CLEAR is teaming up with United Airlines to promote biometric screening technology at airports in the United States. In addition to making an equity investment in the company, United will deploy CLEAR’s tech at its Newark Liberty International and Houston George Bush Intercontinental airport hubs, and will support the company’s efforts to introduce CLEAR lanes at the O’Hare airport in Chicago.

The new partnership is designed to drive more people to the CLEAR program, thanks in large part to the discounts now being offered to US members of United’s MileagePlus rewards program. Global Services and Premier 1K MileagePlus members can now claim a free CLEAR membership as an extra perk, while United credit card holders and Premier Platinum, Gold and Silver members can purchase a CLEAR membership for $109.

An annual CLEAR membership generally costs $179. Ordinary MileagePlus members can still receive a discounted price of $119.

Once enrolled, CLEAR’s platform utilizes fingerprint and iris recognition technology to identify individual travelers more quickly and streamline the security procedures at airports and other venues across the US. United has already deployed CLEAR scanners at its airport hubs in Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

CLEAR recently placed its technology at the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport in Alabama and the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport in Kentucky. The company has also partnered with Hertz to enable biometric screening for rental cars and offer utility beyond the airport terminal.

July 29, 2019 – by Eric Weiss