Smiths Detection Airport Scanner Matches Passengers with Their Luggage

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Biometrics News - Smiths Detection Airport Scanner Matches Passengers with Their Luggage

Smiths Detection is demoing a new biometric security solution at this week’s Inter Airport Europe event in Germany. The system is designed specifically to assess risk at security checkpoints and make the baggage screening process more efficient.

To that end, the solution combines a Smiths Detection CT Scanner with the iCMORE object recognition platform, which is able to identify weapons. It also includes the iLane.evo tray return system, which uses biometrics to match the passenger to their tray, and in turn to the possessions that they send through the scanner.

iLane.evo will allow airport employees to make risk assessments in real time, and share the results of scans with stopover and arrival airports to offer better security throughout the trip.

“We are working with the aviation industry to deliver risk-based screening at departure, transit and arrival airports to streamline the checkpoint journey to make it even safer and more efficient,” said Smiths Detection Europe and Africa Marketing VP Tony Tielen.

“Advances in biometrics, artificial intelligence and integrated screening technology mean that risk-based screening is now firmly on the fast track,” added Richard Thompson, Smiths Detection’s Global Market Director for Aviation.

Smiths Detection did not indicate which biometric modality would be used to link passengers to their luggage trays, although facial recognition seems like one of the more likely possibilities given its popularity in other airport security solutions. From biometric boarding to arrivals to customs, the technology has already been leveraged for every step of the airport journey, up to and including self-service baggage checking systems.

Regardless of the modality, the Smiths solution should give airports better insight during security scans. The checkpoint system will be on display at Stand 410 in Hall B6 at the Munich Trade Fair Centre until October 11.

October 10, 2019 – by Eric Weiss