Smart Serve Ontario Adds Biometric Authentication to Online Testing Program

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Biometrics News - Smart Serve Ontario Adds Biometric Authentication to Online Testing Program

Smart Serve Ontario has overhauled its online testing platform to make the certification process simpler and safer for everyone involved. The new system leverages artificial intelligence and biometrics to verify people’s identities and monitor their behavior while the test is in progress.

Smart Serve administers the Responsible Alcohol Beverage Sales and Service Training Program, a certification course that is required for anyone planning to work in any position that deals with direct alcohol service and sales – including bar and restaurant sales – in the Canadian province of Ontario. The new testing system has been in place since July, though the official announcement was delayed until October.

Smart Serve did not specify which biometric modalities it is using to authenticate test takers, nor did it indicate whether or not it had partnered with an established proctoring service. However, the organization did provide details about some of the other features that have been introduced with the new testing platform, which is available in six different languages and incorporates “micro e-learning techniques, gamification, mini quizzes, and new role-playing games” in an effort to make the test more accessible.

With the introduction of biometric monitoring, Smart Serve Ontario joins a growing list of organizations that are searching for more advanced ways to address cheating and maintain the integrity of online testing. Missouri’s State Fair Community College recently turned to Examity to safeguard its online programs, while China has used biometrics to authenticate students for its Gaokao exams.

October 16, 2019 – by Eric Weiss