SecuredTouch Lands Patent for “Continuous User Authentication”

Biometrics News SecuredTouch Lands Patent for "Continuous User Authentication"

The US Patent and Trademark Office has awarded SecuredTouch a patent for “Continuous User Authentication,” a title that is essentially a description of behavioral biometrics more generally. SecuredTouch, of course, is a behavioral biometrics specialist, providing security solutions that verify user identities based on observed patterns of behavior.

Unlike solutions that provide one-time authentication at login, behavioral biometrics provides ongoing (or continuous) authentication that can pick up on changes in those patterns.   

“This patent places SecuredTouch at the forefront of innovation in user authentication,” said SecuredTouch Co-Founder and CEO Yair Finzi. “The company is committed to research and development. Our solutions seamlessly fight advanced fraud, in the eCommerce and banking industries.”

The news comes shortly after the European Banking Authority approved behavioral biometrics as an inherent trait for use in Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) solutions that are compliant with the latest PSD2 standards.

“Our customers can now use our behavioral biometrics technology to support PSD2, without adding any friction to their users’ experience,” added Finzi.

The patent is obviously a major achievement for the company, which also became a member of the ForgeRock Trust Network earlier this year. SecuredTouch previously received a considerable investment from Arvato Financial Solutions.

July 22, 2019 – by Eric Weiss