SecuGen Adds Citrix Support to Free SDK Portfolio

Biometrics News - SecuGen Adds Citrix Support to Free SDK Portfolio

Optical fingerprint technology company SecuGen announced that it now offers a software development kit (SDK) plugin for use with Citrix powered virtual machines.

SecuGen’s free SDKs allow developers who are creating hardware and software systems that require fingerprint authentication to work with its software and fingerprint sensors and readers. Hardware and software products developed by SecuGen are used by a number of industries across the world to enhance provide more security and increase convenience. Some of the heaviest users include companies in the banking and finance industry, as well as healthcare, telecommunications, and government programs.

“We are committed to innovation and the development of new products for our partners to meet their customers’ diverse needs,” said Dan Riley, SecuGen’s VP of Engineering. “We are now able to provide our Citrix reseller partners the ability to use fingerprint technology to authenticate to applications being run in a Citrix environment,” he added.

With the growth of its free SDK portfolio to now include Citrix, developers are able to use SecuGen to create fingerprint systems across a number of platforms including Android, Windows and Linux. Jeff Brown, VP of Sales for SecuGen, stated, “We are excited to offer our partners this new software tool. Our portfolio of free and low-cost software is intended to give our partners tools they can use to compete for and win deals.”

Won Lee, CEO of SecuGen, commented on the importance of keeping the cost of access to its technology low, saying “our team is relentless in upholding our core mission, which is to provide fingerprint technology, at the right price, necessary for our partners to succeed. We will continue to develop software tools that are free or low cost.”

The Citrix SDK plugin is currently available for free for up to two simultaneous connections for XenApp and XenDesktop users.

November 14, 2019 – by Tony Bitzionis