Safe India Expo a Logical Stop in ZKTeco Roadshow

Biometrics News: Safe India Expo a Logical Stop in ZKTeco Roadshow

ZKTeco was back on the road recently, showcasing its biometric technologies and other solutions at the Safe India Expo in Hyderabad.

As with some of the company’s recent seminar events, ZKTeco took the opportunity of Safe India Expo to highlight its Visible Light facial recognition technology. It also placed a strong emphasis on Computer Vision and ‘smart camera’ technologies, and highlighted software solutions including ZK Biosecurity 3.0, ZKeasytime Pro, and ZKbioface.

India has proven to be a large and fast-growing segment of the global biometrics market, thanks in large part to its Aadhaar biometric ID program. Aadhaar is essentially a national digital ID system that uses biometrics for citizen identification. Having started as a means of addressing fraud and other leakages in the distribution of social subsidies, Aadhaar has rapidly expanded to encompass authentication across a range of applications and industries in India, and has helped to foster a growing familiarity with biometric authentication among citizens.

The Safe India Expo was therefore a logical stop for ZKTeco in its ongoing efforts to promote its biometric solutions at industry events and at seminars that the company itself has organized. With respect to the latter, ZKTeco has recently organized events in the Philippines, Peru, Bangladesh, and Russia.