NEXT Releases Two New Access Control Modules

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Biometrics News - NEXT Releases Two New Access Control Modules

NEXT Biometrics is expanding its portfolio with two new fingerprint sensor modules designed for access control. Both the One Touch Access 110 and 115 have a large sensor area and are built with NEXT’s Active Thermal tech, though the 115 is a bit more rugged and is better suited to the outdoors and challenging weather conditions.

The modules themselves can be easily integrated into existing access control solutions, including time and attendance terminals, smart locks, and other access readers. Depending on the application, the modules can boost the security at a physical location or safeguard individual devices. They also come with hardware drivers, software development kits, and a NEXT-certified algorithm to make integration as smooth as possible.

“Launch of the new products is part of our dedicated strategy for the access control market and will further strengthen our position in this segment,” said NEXT Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Alain Faburel.

According to Faburel, NEXT is expecting to receive and ship large orders of the One Touch Access modules in the first quarter of 2020. The modules are resistant to dirt, grease, and other adverse circumstances.

Though NEXT Biometrics is perhaps best known for providing fingerprint sensors for smart cards and payment terminals, the new product line indicates that the company is giving more of its attention to access control. Last month, NEXT received a $100,000 order from an undisclosed access control company, and it is not the first time NEXT has received such an order. However, payment terminals and smart cards continue to be essential components of the NEXT portfolio.

October 3, 2019 – by Eric Weiss