LumenVox Outfits CCT Contact Centers with Voice Recognition Tech

Biometrics News - LumenVox Outfits CCT Contact Centers with Voice Recognition Tech

CCT Solutions has become an official reseller of LumenVox’s voice recognition technology. Based in Germany, CCT is a contact center specialist that provides businesses with multi-channel capabilities and automates interactions through its ContactPro platform. The company is primarily active in Europe, but has recently been hoping to expand its presence in the U.S.

To that end, CCT has integrated LumenVox tech into its existing call center services. The latter’s voice recognition technology enables passive biometric authentication and fraud detection, as well as a slew of other utilities like a Text-to-Speech function and Call Progress Analysis.    

The integration will make CCT’s platform more secure and more efficient, allowing call centers to verify the identity of customers based only on their vocal characteristics. Since CCT is an official reseller, it will also be able to pitch the LumenVox portfolio to its current clientele.

“CCT has demonstrated that they are committed to crafting solutions that meet the highest standards of customer service,” said LumenVox CEO Edward Miller. “I have no doubt that we will increase productivity and strengthen security for customers and businesses alike.”

The news comes shortly after LumenVox released the eighth iteration of its voice biometric platform. LumenVox Version 8 comes with a faster core authentication engine and a Fraud Scanner that measures every voice against a watch list of voiceprints of known fraudsters.

A new report from Meticulous Research named LumenVox as one of the leading players in the speech and voice recognition market. Before that, LumenVox merged with the German voice recognition company VoiceTrust. LumenVox has since gone on to form partnerships with MODIS and SmilePass, providing voice authentication technology for an IT platform and an authentication platform, respectively.

In the case of SmilePass, voice recognition is being used to supplement the company’s face and document recognition capabilities.

February 12, 2020 – by Eric Weiss