Kanguru Releases New Biometric Flash Drive

Biometrics News - Kanguru Releases New Biometric Flash Drive

Kanguru has unveiled a biometric flash drive with fingerprint recognition capabilities. Dubbed the Kanguru Defender Bio-Elite30, the new USB device is OS agnostic, and is compatible smart TVs and many pieces of industrial equipment in addition to Mac and Windows computers.

The key selling point, however, is the device’s fingerprint security. The Bio-Elite30 has a built-in fingerprint scanner that can be configured to recognize multiple fingers (and multiple users). The permissions can also be set so that certain users have full read/write access, while others have restricted access and will only be able to view (but not edit) files on the device.

Either way, authorized users simply need to scan their finger to unlock encrypted files. The sleek device offers AES 256-Bit hardware encryption, is TAA compliant, and is powered via USB rather than a battery. Kanguru is pitching the utility of the Bio-Elite30 to companies that need to make secure updates on sensitive hardware like ATMs and medical equipment.

The Bio-Elite30 features a command console with an onboard browser, while Kanguru offers a Remote Management Console that will allow organizations to manage the device from afar.

The Bio-Elite30 is not the only biometric flash drive on the market. Elephone announced its own fingerprint flash drive in 2016, while eye-Disk ran a Kickstarter for a flash drive with iris recognition capabilities last year.

December 6, 2019 – by Eric Weiss