Ipsidy Partners with National ID Registry to Bring Proof to Peru

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Biometrics News - Ipsidy Partners with National ID Registry to Bring Proof to Peru

Ipsidy is bringing its Proof Identity as a Service (IDaaS) solution to Peru. The Proof platform arrives in the country through a partnership with RENIEC, Peru’s National ID Registry.

As the ID Registry, RENIEC handles the distribution of all national identities, including the country’s electronic ID cards. The Proof app will now be able to verify the legitimacy of those IDs, which will in turn allow for secure identity verification and mobile onboarding.

“This represents the first implementation in our plan to connect to national registries around the world to provide our customers with government-backed certainty as to the authenticity of identity credentials,” said Ipsidy CEO Philip Beck. “Validation by the government that issues a document provides the highest level of trust for our clients.”  

Thanks to the new integration, Peruvian businesses will be able to authorize a range of different interactions – from financial transactions to enrollment to age-restricted sales – knowing that the customer is, in fact, the person they claim to be. Proof leverages facial recognition for liveness detection, matching a selfie against the photo on the ID as part of the authentication process.

The arrangement with RENIEC came about through Ipsidy’s pre-existing partnership with Mobile Solutions Peru, which was forged earlier this year. MSP became an official reseller of Ipsidy’s biometric portfolio in the region, and worked with RENIEC to help Ipsidy secure the contract that would allow for the launch of Proof. It also facilitated a partnership between Ipsidy and Boxer Security.

The Proof expansion move is part of a larger effort to cultivate Ipsidy’s foothold in the Latin American market. Ipsidy recently joined forces with the Colombian company AS•NET, which has integrated Ipsidy’s biometric solutions into its own services and will be offering them to other companies as a part of the Ipsidy Partner Network.

October 4, 2019 – by Eric Weiss