IDEMIA Renews SmartGate Contract with Australian Border Agency

Biometrics News - IDEMIA Renews SmartGate Contract with Australian Border Agency

IDEMIA has renewed its border partnership with the Australian Department of Home Affairs. According to the terms of the new contract, IDEMIA will continue to provide the Australian Border Agency with biometric SmartGates for the next five years, helping to ensure that Australia remains at the forefront of the border security conversation.

The SmartGate portfolio includes kiosks and eGates, which have been deployed to facilitate the arrivals process in Australia. IDEMIA has been outfitting Australia with SmartGates since 2004, and has been collaborating with Unisys on a new biometric matching system.   

To that end, IDEMIA will be upgrading Australia’s biometric capabilities as part of the new arrangement. The company will replace Australia’s existing SmartGate kiosks, and will refurbish the eGates with the latest border technology. IDEMIA will also allow Australian authorities to carry out trials of future biometric solutions.

The news would seem to justify IDEMIA’s recent decision to increase its investment in biometric border control tech for the APAC and Australian market. The company launched a new high-throughput facial recognition solution earlier in September.  

In the meantime, IDEMIA has been moving forward with other elements of its biometric portfolio. The company is developing a biometric smart card solution in collaboration with Zwipe, and has licensed smart card enrollment technology from IDEX Biometrics.

October 4, 2019 – by Eric Weiss