IDEMIA Brings FINRA Fingerprint Service to IdentoGO Locations

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Biometrics News - IDEMIA Brings FINRA Fingerprint Service to IdentoGO Locations

IDEMIA has unveiled a new FINRA fingerprint service that allows customers to meet the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s strict requirements for fingerprint background checks. While IDEMIA has previously provided custom FINRA solutions for Fortune 500 clients, the new service will be available at more than 500 IdentoGO locations across the country and make IDEMIA’s offerings far more accessible to smaller financial services providers.    

“Throughout the 20 years that we have supported financial institutions, we’ve seen firsthand the need for balancing compliance and convenience,” said IDEMIA Public Security SVP Donnie Scott. “With our FINRA Fingerprint Service, we have created a modern, easy-to-use service that enables customers to conveniently schedule fingerprinting appointments while meeting all compliance standards.”

The appointments will take roughly 10 minutes, at a cost of $30 per enrollment. Fingerprint background checks are mandatory for companies under the FINRA umbrella.

The FINRA service will expand the utility of IDEMIA’s IdentoGO network, which has primarily been leveraged for PreCheck enrollment through the company’s longstanding partnership with the TSA. IdentoGO has also joined forces with the New York Jets to promote the PreCheck program.

IDEMIA’s recent efforts in the financial sector have focused on biometric payment cards. IDEMIA has licensed smart card enrollment technology from IDEX Biometrics, and teamed up with Zwipe to develop a simplified biometric card solution.

October 25, 2019 – by Eric Weiss