Biometric Liveness Detection: IDEMIA Attains Level 2 Compliance in iBeta PAD Testing

Biometrics News -Biometric Liveness Detection: IDEMIA Attains Level 2 Compliance in iBeta PAD Testing

IDEMIA has become the latest biometrics specialist to attain Level 1 and Level 2 compliance in iBeta’s renowned Presentation Attack Detection evaluation program.

iBeta’s is the most high-profile evaluation program for assessing liveness detection systems and their capability of detecting presentation attacks, also known as ‘spoofing’ attempts. Level 1 of PAD testing entails the use of photos and videos of authorized users to try to fool facial recognition systems, while Level 2 – which was only successfully completed for the first time a year ago – involves the use of more sophisticated attacks that can feature silicone and latex masks.

In order to attain compliance at any level, a biometric system must achieve an error rate of zero percent. All attacks must be fended off.

“At IDEMIA, we pride ourselves in our ability to create cutting-edge biometric solutions capable of streamlining a user’s digital journey and combatting fraud,” commented IDEMIA VP Muzaffar Khokhar in a statement announcing the compliance. “This independent accreditation proves our expertise, and will enable us to provide a more complete portfolio of onboarding and anti-fraud solutions for our clients across the globe.”

IDEMIA’s liveness detection technology is available as part of its SmartBio and WebBioServer Software Development Kits.

The company says that iBeta’s testing concluded in December of 2019, which was the same month in which IDEMIA was named the Global Biometrics Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan.

February 11, 2020 – by Alex Perala