ID R&D Promotes Cross-Channel Integration with IDVoice Version 2.7

Biometrics News ID R&D Promotes Cross-Channel Integration with IDVoice Version 2.7

ID R&D has released the latest iteration of its voice recognition platform. IDVoice version 2.7 is ten times faster than its predecessor, and includes utility features that make it easier to deploy across multiple voice channels.

The latter is particularly noteworthy insofar as it simplifies the biometric enrollment and authentication process for enterprise-level customers. Other voice platforms require separate enrollments for mobile, web, and call center applications, which can make voice recognition prohibitive for large organizations that need secure authentication across all three. IDVoice, on the other hand, only requires a single enrollment, making onboarding much simpler for organizations and customers alike.

“ID R&D’s cross-channel authentication capability delivers the kind of zero-effort authentication that’s fast becoming a necessity for businesses with customers who reach out across multiple devices and channels,” said Dan Miller, the Founder and Lead Analyst of Opus Research.

“We are making it much easier for enterprises to deploy voice biometrics on all channels using the programming tools they prefer,” added ID R&D Chief Science Officer Konstantin Simonchik.

IDVoice v2.7 is compatible with iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows, and offers additional improvements to the Signal to Noise calculator and Voice Activity Detector. ID R&D recently added Acoustic Event Detection to its portfolio, and since received $5.7 million in seed funding and formed a partnership with the acoustic awareness startup Wavio.

July 22, 2019 – by Eric Weiss