Government Biometrics Dominates This Week’s Top Stories Roundup

Government Biometrics Dominates This Week's Top Stories Roundup

Government biometrics appears to be the theme of the week in FindBiometrics’ latest roundup of top stories. More specifically, three of this week’s top five concern government agencies’ use of biometric technology to identify individuals in their charge.

Perhaps the biggest story of these concerned a new draft Request for Quote from the US Customs and Border Protection agency as it seeks to broaden its use of biometric technologies for border control – an understandably popular topic for the many industry players comprising much of FindBiometrics’ readership:

CBP Looking for Vendor Partner in Biometrics Expansion

In parallel, there was also big news out of Bangladesh, where government authorities have been working together with the UNHCR – the United Nations’ refugee agency – to issue biometric IDs to the enormous population of Rohingya who have fled to the country from neighboring Myanmar:

Biometric IDs Issued to Half a Million Rohingya Refugees: UNHCR

And in more straightforward civil ID news, government authorities in the Philippines are continue to make their way toward an Aadhaar-style biometric ID program:

BSP Ramps Up Production of Biometric IDs in the Philippines

Of course, it wouldn’t be a top-story-roundup without a bit of consumer tech news. The fourth entry in this week’s assortment concerns who supplied fingerprint sensor technology for Samsung’s latest smartphone:

Is FPC the Mysterious Samsung Galaxy A10s Fingerprint Sensor Supplier?

And finally, BioCatch got some attention this week with its latest blog post highlighting some of the tangible benefits of behavioral biometrics security:

BioCatch: Behavioral Biometrics Stops More Complex Forms of Fraud

Stay posted to FindBiometrics next week as we continue to bring you the latest news and interviews from the exciting world of biometrics. To see the hottest stories of the week in mobile digital identity, visit our sibling site Mobile ID World.

August 16, 2019 – by Alex Perala