Fujitsu Adds Multimodal and PC Support for AuthConductor V2

Biometrics News - Fujitsu Adds Multimodal and PC Support for AuthConductor V2

Fujitsu has released an updated version of its AuthConductor authentication platform. The new AuthConductor V2 combines the AuthConductor Server with Fujitsu’s PC login technology to create a more comprehensive authentication solution for large and small businesses alike.

Like its predecessor, AuthConductor V2 allows clients to leverage palm vein recognition for secure authentication in the workplace. The technology can be deployed for physical access control, and to grant approval for common tasks like printing.

The new version of the software extends that utility to PC and workstation logins. The user’s palm vein data is stored on a central server, so organizations can easily add the technology to any application or security checkpoint once the initial registration is complete.

AuthConductor V2 will support face and fingerprint recognition and IC card authentication in addition to palm vein recognition. Along with the PC login functionality, the AuthConductor’s multimodal capabilities are the other major upgrade being introduced with the latest version of the software platform. 

The new software platform reaffirms Fujitsu’s longstanding interest in palm vein authentication tech. The company’s solutions have already been used to safeguard everything from Washington fruit farms to Korean airports, while Fujitsu itself is keen to leverage palm vein recognition for its own naked payments scheme. Fujitsu has frequently collaborated with BioSec to develop and promote new palm vein solutions, many of which were on display at the recent Fujitsu Forum in Munich.

The original AuthConductor Server debuted in April of 2017. Ten months later, Fujitsu released an AuthConductor Client designed specifically for notebooks and tablet devices.

AuthConductor V2 is currently on sale in Japan, with a global launch expected sometime before the end of the 2020 fiscal year. The system was built to be fully scalable, so it can be used to secure a small business or a large enterprise with tens of thousands of employees.   

November 18, 2019 – by Eric Weiss