Startup to Unveil Multi-Camera Facial Recognition System at International Security Expo

Biometrics News - Startup to Unveil Multi-Camera Facial Recognition System at International Security Expo

The Face Recognition Company (FRC), a software development company specializing in facial recognition security technology, has announced that it will be unveiling its multi-camera facial recognition system at the International Security Expo in London next week.

FRC’s ‘ultra-accurate’ system is based on using multiple cameras — up to five at a time — to provide several viewpoints for a single targeted area to acquire the best possible capture of individual’s image at any given location.

This is meant to improve upon existing facial recognition systems that often rely on CCTV feeds that don’t always capture the clearest image, the best angle, or oftentimes both.

“Today’s facial recognition algorithms are very accurate but can only be effective when they have an image of suitable quality and perspective,” said Tim Noest, CEO, The Face Recognition Company. “Grainy CCTV images or faces captured beyond a certain angle from the front view reduce the accuracy significantly. With our multi-view system, we are focused exclusively on capturing high-quality facial data, greatly increasing the chances of making a positive match.”

The system also uses machine learning algorithms that can identify individuals in real time, and an app that has various levels of security clearance to control who has access to managing a watch list or just viewing and responding to alerts detected by the system. The local server for the app operates in the background so no interaction is necessary beyond its initial setup.

FRC has spent the last several years conducting extensive testing and research of their multi-camera system in what it referred to as a ‘stealth mode’ period for the company. It is also careful to point out that its system is not meant to replace existing security infrastructures, but to augment them and allow them to run more efficiently.

The International Security Expo is taking place on December 3rd and 4th, at the Olympia Exhibition Centre in London.

December 2, 2019 – by Tony Bitzionis