Face and Fingerprint Tech Dominated This Week’s Top Biometrics News

Face and Fingerprint Tech Dominated This Week's Top Biometrics News

This week’s most popular biometrics news articles on FindBiometrics once again covered a pretty broad range of topics, but as is often the case, it’s possible to discern one or two trends in all the industry activity.

Face biometrics, for example, enjoyed a particularly high profile this week. Researchers announced a cutting-edge new face scanning technique, while ID R&D announced a market-ready facial recognition solution:

Australian Researchers Develop Long Distance Face Recognition Algorithm

New Facial Recognition Tech Enables Passive Liveness Detection

Meanwhile, Synaptics’ new CEO comes to the company from a firm that made its name with sophisticated 3D facial recognition technology:

Synaptics Announces New CEO: Michael Hurlston

Facial recognition wasn’t the only modality making headlines this week, of course – fingerprint recognition got some attention too, thanks to BioRugged and its COO, Hof Retief:

Interview: COO Hof Retief on BioRugged’s Ambitious Expansion Plans

And then there was the latest news out of the rapidly developing biometric cards market, care of IDEX Biometrics and Silone Cardtech:

IDEX Partners with China-based Smart Card Maker

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