eWBM Pushes Password-Free Security with New USB Keys and Microsoft Alliance

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Biometrics News - eWBM Pushes Password-Free Security with New USB Keys and Microsoft Alliance

eWBM has become the latest member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association. Together, the two companies will work to encourage other organizations to adopt strong password-free security standards and reduce the threat of phishing and data breaches.

To that end, eWBM has added two new USB keys to its flagship Goldengate line of products. Both the G310 (USB-A type) and the G320 (USB-C type) are compliant with the latest FIDO2 standards and come equipped with a fingerprint sensor that will allow users to log into their accounts after verifying their identity with a fingerprint scan.

The new hardware tokens are compatible with the Microsoft Azure Active Directory, as well as any major web browsers that offer WebAuthn functionality.

“Microsoft has been on a mission to eliminate passwords and help people protect their corporate identities,” said Microsoft Identity Division VP Alex Simons. “We welcome companies like eWBM that support a goal to increase online security and protect identity online through the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association.”

eWBM’s Goldengate 500 was the first USB key to achieve FIDO2 L2 Authenticator Certification, and licensed the Biomatch Embedded fingerprint recognition algorithm from Precise Biometrics earlier this year. The new keys are also making use of Precise’s algorithm.

eWBM joined the FIDO Alliance Board of Directors back in February.

October 15, 2019 – by Eric Weiss

[Update 10/16/19 – An earlier version of this article suggested that it was not clear whether the new security keys use Precise Biometrics’ algorithm; the article has been updated to state that they do, in fact, use it.]