Barbados Airport Expands Use of BorderXpress Self-Service Kiosks

Biometrics News - Barbados Airport Expands Use of BorderXpress Self-Service Kiosks

The Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) in Barbados has installed 32 biometric BorderXpress kiosks, expanding a border control program that began with 16 of the self-service kiosks in 2018. The airport is now operating 48 total kiosks, all of which come courtesy of Innovative Travel Solutions, which is itself a subsidiary of Vancouver International Airport.

To use the BorderXpress kiosks, passengers must first scan their passport (or some other travel document) and complete their declaration form. The system will then verify the passenger’s identity using facial recognition before sending them to a border control officer for final clearance. The technology is expected to reduce wait times and reduce the administrative burden on border control employees.

“As an airport operator ourselves, we prioritize technology to improve the overall travel experience, not only at our own airport, but across the travel industry,” said ITS Director Chris Gilliland. “The implementation of an additional 32 kiosks will ultimately simplify the border clearance process for all arriving passengers and reduce wait times significantly.”

While the BorderXpress program was previously restricted to Barbados residents and other members of the Caribbean Community, the new kiosks will allow GAIA to offer the service to all arriving passengers, regardless of nationality. The kiosks can be configured with any language, and have previously been deployed in Cyprus and on Ferries del Caribe cruise ships in addition to the YVR airport in Vancouver.

Source: International Airport Review

September 3, 2019 – by Eric Weiss

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