Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Voice in a Multi-Modal Future

Voice BiometricsThis week served as the epic climax to Voice Month at FindBiometrics, our four week investigation of voice recognition. In the industry news we also saw a great deal of diversity and innovation with major announcements, a potential new modality, some surprising uses for facial recognition and much more.

Here is our look back on some of the top stories from the week that was.

Voice In a Multi-Modal Future

On Thursday FindBiometrics hosted our first webinar of 2015, “Voice Biometrics in a Multi-Modal Future”, bringing together industry experts into an hour long in-depth discussion on the most important questions in voice recognition. This week was also continued to celebrate Voice Month in our featured articles section, taking a look at five unique applications of the modality of the month.

News-wise we reported on Honeywell’s initiative to bring voice biometrics to the cockpit of airplanes, and Pindrop Security secured $35 million in series B funding.

Take a look at how we were talking about voice this week:

Webinar: Voice Biometrics in a Multi-Modal Future

Voice Month: 5 Unique Applications of Voice Biometrics

Voice Recognition to Give Pilots the Star Trek Experience

Investors’ Ears Perked for Voice-Based Anti-Fraud Company

The Face of Biometrics

Face recognition was in the news this week too, though in a slightly more novel way. Two news stories had us considering facial recognition in the kitchen and on the hunt for rare portraits, while on a more familiar note Hoyos Labs announced new face biometric ATM security that leverages users’ smartphones. Exciting news came out of Stanford University this week too, with the announcement that a newly developed biometric algorithm can address some of the limits currently faced by the modality.

Facial Recognition Tech May Offer Clue to Rare Portrait

New Algorithm Boasts Greatly Improved Face Biometrics

So It’s Come to This: The Pancake Selfie

New Software Offers Biometric Security for ATMs

Many Modes, Some of Them New

The future of authentication truly is multi-modal, and this week’s news goes a long way in corroborating that statement. In addition to innovations in finger vein recognition and chemical analysis biometrics, we received announcement that some important parties are embracing a multi-modal paradigm. Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will adhere to FIDO specification, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police has chosen a multi-modal system from NEC Corporation of America, and the IBIA released a statement responding to a recent survey regarding Generation Z’s proclivity for strong authentication. Throw in that Credence ID announced its newest handheld, the CredenceOne-MRZ, and it adds up to a well rounded week in mutli-modal identity management.

Windows 10 Will Adhere to FIDO Specs

Las Vegas Police Get NEC Multimodal Biometric System

Finger Vein Authentication Coming To Mobile Devices

Karsof Courts Private Sector

IBIA Lauds Young People For Embracing Biometrics

New Device Combines Biometrics and Smart Documents

Patent Portfolio Adds Chemical Analysis to Fingerprint Biometrics

And Then There Were The Fingerprints

Finally, of course, we come to the requisite fingerprint news. The modality is still staying strong and popular with speculation surfacing that Apple may include Touch ID on future MacBooks. We saw fingerprints in the healthcare markets thanks to some news regarding Symantec’s new partnership with Imprivata. NEXT Biometrics also announced a partnership this week with Authasas, and it introduced its newest fingerprint reader. All of that plus a lock box that throws away the key in favor of two fingerprint sensors.

Here’s how fingerprints continued to be all over the news this week in biometrics:

IBOX Ditches Lock and Key for Biometrics

NEXT Unveils “The Oyster” USB Fingerprint Scanner

Is Touch ID Biometric Security Coming To MacBooks?

Authasas Strikes Partnership with NEXT Biometrics

Symantec and Imprivata Partner For Biometric Healthcare


Stay posted to FindBiometrics next week as we bring Voice Month to a close and continue to bring you the best in biometrics news. Be sure to follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss a beat.

February 21, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter