Biometrics Industry News Roundup: National ID, Border Control and Biometric Software

This week at findBIOMETRICS we entered Biometric Software Month. As will be custom with our monthly featured content, this means that we took a broad look at the subject with an informative week one primer of the topic.

Inspired by the theme of the month, our new biometrics blog Pop Cultural Identity Management examined how voice recognition software could have prevented a horrific tragedy in the first episode of NBC’s current television show Hannibal. In addition to an excellent piece of horror entertainment, the show illustrates the nightmare that is a world without liveness detection in security systems.

Speaking of liveness detection, NexID announced this past week that it has released liveness detection software for Android devices. The launch of the Mobile Live Finger Detection application addresses the public concern of fingerprint spoofing on Android smartphones.

In biometric border control news this week the Vancouver Airport Authority introduced its newly updated BorderXpress kiosks. The terminals that expedite the air travel security process now use the latest technology available from Cross Match Technologies allowing for a huge boost in the number of passport nationalities the service supports. Now, instead of only allowing Canadian and US passport holders to benefit from the secure convenience, travelers holding passports from 38 different countries can speed through security.

Another initiative that is bringing convenience back to air travel is the TSA’s Pre✓program. MorphoTrust USA has long been a partner of the TSA, and this week that relationship bore fruit: MorphoTrust opened a number of new biometric enrollment centers across the United States. Some of these centers are located on airport premises and others are taking the form of IdentoGO Centers, all of them are there for travellers to enroll their biometrics for advance screening.

BIO-key International announced the release of WEB-key 3.5 this week. WEB-key is a fingerprint authentication platform that runs on BIO-key’s NIST validated VST version 6.5 algorithm. It offers an authentication framework featuring unique encryption for every transaction as well as session tracking. Keeping with BIO-key’s focus on the mobile market, this newest version boasts enhanced security on mobile and easier use on Android.

Finally, news out of Nigeria has us talking about national ID this week. A local news outlet initially reported that the country’s National Population Commission will be adopting the biometric registration system in order to weed out corruption and politicization in Nigeria’s next census.

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