Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Money, Wearables and Border Control

Biometric Commerce

This past week many of the biggest news stories had us talking about biometrics and money.

This past week has been incredibly big for the identity management industry, particularly in terms of the commerce vertical markets. With the Money20/20 conference showing a massive uptick in biometrics-based presentations, announcements and exhibitions it is clear that the mainstream financial community is ready to embrace strong authentication. Meanwhile, FindBiometrics has entered Biometric Border Control Month in the featured articles section, and the industry news was filled with everything from law enforcement to a new biometric hat..

Here’s what happened this past week in the world of biometrics.

Money, Money, Money

This week in Las Vegas the payment industry gathered for Money20/20, the conference and exhibition dedicated to all things fianncial. Biometrics had a major presence at this year’s event, with EyeVerify choosing it as the platform from which to announce a major upgrade to its Eyeprint ID solution and Bionym introducing the world’s first biometric wearable payment technology.

Here are the top Money20/20 stories of the week:

FindBiometrics and Mobile ID World Take Biometrics to Money20/20

EyeVerify Upgrades Eyeprint ID, Will Launch on iOS and Android in January

Biometric Wearable Tech Lets You Pay With Your Heartbeat

AGNITiO Demonstrating Voice Biometrics at Money20/20

Mobility, Wearability

Mobility is in the identity management news every week, but rarely is said news as diverse as it has been in the past seven days. A face scanning handheld device, a new state of the art fitness tracker, a phone with a fingerprint sensor and even a biometric hat.

Here are the stories that had us talking about mobility this week:

Handheld 3D Scanner Will Offer Face-Scanning Biometric Applications

LifeBEAM Unveils The Biometric Hat

Jawbone Fitness Trackers to Use Highly Advanced Biometric Sensors

Biometric Security Renders Meizu MX4 Obsolete; Long Live the MX4 Pro

Law Enforcement

October was Law Enforcement Biometrics Month here at FindBiometrics, but we’re still talking about the justice vertical quite a bit now that November’s here. BIO-key International, who will be presenting at CA World 14, made the news with its identity management solution that’s helping Canadian criminal defendants have access to case relevant documents. Meanwhile, a Circuit Court Judge raised eyebrows after ruling that police can compel defendants to give up fingerprint biometrics. A big philosophical and semantic debate lies underneath this distinction, since police are not able to compel defendants to disclose passwords, despite both modalities often playing the same role in terms of protecting privacy.

BIO-key To Participate in Biometric Presentation at CA World 14

Police Can Compel Defendants to Give Up Fingerprints

iTouch Biometrics to Provide Tech to Illinois State Police

Biometric Law Enforcement Comes to Canada

Smart Cards, Secure Documents and Border Control

Biometric Border Control Month kicked off this past week, and to start things on a broad note we posted a primer on the topic. Overseas in Paris, CARTES Secure Connexions had us talking not just about smart cards, but also the new face of Crossmatch which launched its rebranding from the major industry event.

Biometric Border Control Month: The Primer

Biometric Smart Card Prototype Ready Ahead of the Curve

Introducing the New Face of Crossmatch: Interview with Richard Agostinelli

Crossmatch Launches Company Rebrand at CARTES 2014

GenKey Gets FBI Certification Just in Time for CARTES 2014

Ukraine Ramps Up Biometric Passport Initiative

Biometrics Tech to Cut Wait Times at Massachussetts RMV


Stay posted to FindBiometrics as we continue to unpack some of the bigger news from this past week, take the next step in Biometric Border Control Month and continue to bring you all the most relevant identity management industry news. Follow us on Twitter and don’t miss a beat.

November 9, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter