Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Mobile World Congress Goes Biometric

photo 2This week all eyes were turned to Barcelona, Spain, for Mobile World Congress 2015, which featured more biometrics technology than ever before. With MWC throwing its weight behind digital identity there is no better time to take an indepth look at biometrics in mobile applications. That being the case, we kicked off Mobile Month at FindBiometrics while the industry news filled up with eye-based modalities and government application news.

Here are some of the top identity management news items from the past week:

Mobile World Congress

MWC 2015FindBiometrics, with our sister site Mobile ID World, was in Barcelona this week for the most biometrics-filled Mobile World Congress yet. Multiple smartphones were launched with embedded fingerprint sensors, we saw demonstrations of multi factor authentication and even biometric Internet of Things applications made an appearance. All of that and we heard a strong endorsement of wearable biometric payments from the Royal Bank of Canada.

To kick off Mobile Month we examined the history of consumer-facing biometrics at MWC and drew some conclusions about where the industry is headed based on this past week in Barcelona.


Mobile Month: Biometrics at MWC

NEXT Biometrics Adds To Engineering Staff

Biometric Wearable Called The Future of Payment

Prestigio to Include Multi-Factor Biometrics On Mobile Devices

New Phone Offers Advanced Fingerprint Biometrics

Synopsis and Sensory Unveil Voice Recognition for IoT

Cypress and IDEX Unveil New Biometric Reader

BIO-key Demonstrates Mobile Multifactor Authentication

Governments, Schools, Correctional Facilities

Biometrics in schoolsAs huge as Mobile World Congress was in this week’s news, there was still a lot of activity in the government sectors, law enforcement and education. A new contract between identiMetrics and Harris School Nutrition Solutions will see fingerprint biometrics speeding up lunch lines in many K-12 schools, The FIDO Alliance issued a post on its website praising the government for its support of strong authentications, and a biometric access control solution has been deployed in a Floyd County jail in Georgia.

Meanwhile, New Mexico politician Bill Payne continued to advocate for biometric voter registry and we learned about the technology from Morpho (Safran) that’s helping secure borders in Lithuania.

Here is how biometrics were at play in education, law enforcement, border control and the government this past week:

FIDO Praises Government’s Strong Authentication Attitude

Biometric Access Control Comes to Floyd County Jail

Kids to Scan Fingers For School Lunches

New Mexico Politician Pushes for Biometric Ballots

Morpho Biometrics Help Secure Lithuanian Borders


tumblr_n9mlpkkAQo1tbxd4lo1_1280The human eye was the body part of the week here at FindBiometrics. At MWC EyeVerify’s Eyeprint ID made a big splash, finding itself built into ZTE’s new smartphone and also fully integrated into AirWatch. Also impressive was Fujitsu’s demonstration of iris recognition on a smartphone at the Barcelona event.

A new report for Tech-Navio painted a positive looking future for iris recognition while CMITech partnered with Sensormatic, making it the exclusive distributor of CMITech’s iris biometrics in Turkey.

Finally, a new modality hit the scene this week with cornea recognition making headlines as a potentially spoof-proof authentication factor.

Take a look at all the different ways we talked about eyeballs this week:

Report: Bright Future for Iris Recognition

New Cornea-Scanning Tech Could be Spoof-Proof

CMITech Names Iris Biometrics Distributor in Turkey

Iris Recognition Demonstrated on a Smartphone

EyeVerfiy Gets Built Into ZTE Grand S3

EyeVerify to Fully Integrate Tech into AirWatch


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March 6, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter