Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Many Modalities and Border Control

This week at FindBiometrics multiple modalities were all over the industry news while we continued to explore biometric border control in the featured articles section.

Here is what the identity management industry was talking about this week:


Fingerprint BiometricsThis week fingerprints were all over the news. From a biometric solution in healthcare that helps first responders save lives, to positive third quarter financial results reported by BIO-key, to IDEX naming a new partner that will manufacture its sensors, fingerprint companies kept us talking about digits all week. Also, in a delicious piece of news from Central America, we brought you news of Crossmatch U.are.U fingerprint scanners being installed throughout the bakeries of Mexico’s upscale Montparnasse Pasteleria

Biometric Technology to Help EMS Save Lives

BIO-key Reports Massive Year Over Year Q3 Revenue Growth

Integrated Biometrics Continues to Promote Biometric Security

IDEX ASA Finds Partner for Mass Production of Fingerprint Sensor

Suprema Affirms The Future is Easy At Biometric Security Conference

Faces, Eyes, Voices and Vitals

It’s been said that the future of biometrics will have a place for every modality and that the key to success will be how companies are able to find a particular space in the strong authentication ecosystem. The news from the past week showcased the diversity that’s giving rise to that thinking. This week’s news showcased voice biometrics at an educational facility, iris biometrics receiving industry praise, facial recognition in law enforcement and even vital biometrics on a dog.

MSU Software Can Match Real Face to Drawing

Judge Weighs In On Privacy and NGI Facial Biometrics

EyeLock Inc. on a Roll with New Partnership

EyeLock myris Handheld Iris-Scanner Wins CES Honor

Biometric Tech is the Latest in Canine Fashion

SpeechPro Donates Tech and Personnel to West Virginia University

SMI Introduces Eye Tracking for Medical Research, Virtual Reality

Border Control and National Security

It’s Biometric Border Control Month this November, so it’s appropriate (though not surprising) that the industry news contained stories on that hot topic. Biometric eGates are returning to the United Kingdom, while India’s new biometric visa requirements are causing a bit of annoyance in Australia.

Meanwhile on a national security scale, the Department of Defense has appealed to biometrics firms for aid in upgrading security systems.

Biometric Visa Restrictions Underline The Demand For eServices

Biometric Border Control Month: The Barrier Free Experience

Department of Homeland Security Asks for Help from Biometric Firms

Biometric Security’s Triumphant Return to UK Airports


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November 14, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter