Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Law Enforcement, Blood Clinics and National eID

This week at FindBiometrics the industry news touched on a huge number of identity management applications and a diverse selection for biometrics modalities. From healthcare to finance and from consumer tech to government deployments, the week ending October 25, 2014 was jam packed with biometrics industry news.

Staying Safe and Healthy

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This week at FindBiometrics the industry news touched on a huge number of identity management applications and a diverse selection for biometrics modalities.

Healthcare and law enforcement verticals were both in the news this past week. BIO-key International announced that its TruDonor patient management system, which uses fingerprint biometrics to provide convenience, comfort and security to the act of giving plasma, will be on display at this year’s AABB annual meeting in the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Meanwhile, Interpol revealed that it is looking into next generation identification technologies through its new strategic partner program and Booz Allen introduced a forensics handheld called the VAMPIRE.

INTERPOL Embraces P3s in Pursuit of Security Tech Solutions

VAMPIRE Handheld Brings Mobile Biometric Tech To Crime Scenes

BIO-key Biometrics Aim For a Positive Donor Experience in Blood Centers

Fighting Fraud

One of the largest applications of biometric strong authentication is fraud prevention. Whether in retail, banking, online payments or healthcare, biometrics can help give relying parties assurance that you are who you say you are. From upgraded anti-spoofing software to keynotes and panels on fraud prevention, here are this week’s stories about identity assurance:

AGNITiO To Talk Voice Biometrics and Fraud Protection

New Study Tracks Shift of Retail – and Fraud – into Mobile Domain

Upgraded NexID Software Can Detect Fake Fingerprints with Almost 100 Percent Accuracy

Voice Biometrics Conference Names MasterCard and Barclays as Keynote Speakers

Financial Results

It’s that time of year again: as we round out the final three months of 2014, biometric companies are goig on the record in regards to how their third quarter has been. Expect more in the coming week, but to get started here are the three fiscal updates we reported on over the last seven days:

Gemalto Rides The Mobile Commerce Wave

Aware, Inc. Enjoying Biometrics Boom

Precise Biometrics Releases Q3 Results

Embracing Biometrics

Biometric technology has gone mainstream and adoption seems high all across the board. With companies investing in biometrics and filing patents for future strong authentication technologies, developers and relying parties are embracing existing forms of post password security right now.

Intel Capital Launches Major Round of Investments in Chinese Biometric Tech

Forward-Thinking Fujitsu Files Biometrics Patents

Encap Security Adds iPhone Biometrics to Arsenal

New Android OS Uses ‘Face Unlock’ Biometric Security

ADCB Customers Will be Thunderstruck by New Voice Biometrics Security

Biometrics International

A new report form Acuity Market Intelligence was released this week predicting that in five years half of the world’s population will have a national electronic ID card. National ID isn’t the only international biometric topic in the news this week. Privacy concerns in Australia, biometric healthcare in India and a new conference in Europe had us talking about identity management all around the world this past week.

In Five Years Half The World Will Have National eID Cards

India to Administrate Health Plan with Digital Citizenship Cards

Money20/20 Coming To Europe Thanks To North American Success

Biometrics Security Proposal Raises Eyebrows in Australia


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October 26, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter