Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Kicking Off Physical Access Control Month

The first week of April wielded a massive amount of biometrics industry news, and much of it was appropriately on theme with the topic of the month: biometric physical access control. To get everyone up to speed with just exactly what sort of things we will be talking about this month in the featured articles, as well as when the news calls for it, we have published the latest findBIOMETRICS primer on the theme, addressing the key aspects and providing the appropriate links for further reading.

April was a great time to schedule Physical Access Control Month, as much of the biometrics industry had its attention focused on Las Vegas this past week for the ISC West conference and exhibition. In advance of the physical security solutions event, findBIOMETRICS published three interviews with representatives of companies that attended the conference (Zwipe AS, 3M Cogent and Iris ID) with big news and innovative ideas.

Iris ID particularly lead the way in terms of news releases during the event, introducing its iCAM Manager SDK and announcing three new IrisAccess integrations, making up for a good case in favor of iris recognition in high traffic areas of physical access control deployment.

3M Cogent also announced a new integrator this week for its MiY biometric access control readers. Schneider Electric selected the MiY solution to be integrated into its building management solutions. The new integrator’s building management system is a full ecosystem of control that includes climate management, surveillance and resource allocation. Now that the MiY readers are a part of the package, Schneider Electric can add FIPS 201 certified biometric security to the list.

Fujitsu Frontech North America represented the palm-vein biometric access control side of things at ISC West, taking the opportunity to release a new reader in its PalmEntry series of solutions. The new PalmEntry XS is optimized for ergonomics, making it easy for end-users to interface with, while still offering the Fujitsu PalmSecure experience, which is: contactless and fast biometric security that is incredibly difficult (if not impossible) to spoof.

Of course, it isn’t a conversation about access control if we don’t talk about adoption barriers. As can be counted on by Suprema’s US operating partner, EnterTech Systems, the company was sure to announce yet another partnership in is long running initiative to increase the accessibility of physical access. A new partnership with Open Options will see yet another EnterTech ally leveraging the BioConnect application to manage templates and terminals, in turn cutting down redundancies and making user onboarding more simple.

This past week wasn’t only about physical access control. BIO-key International released its highly anticipated Q4 2013 results a day after signing with IDEX ASA in a furthercommitment to the mobile market.

DigitalPersona also made the news this week, announcing a new banking deployment in Latin America. The new deal with Coppel Corporation will see DigitalPersona fingerprint sensor technology making bank transactions and pension collection easier on the end user and more secure for everyone involved.

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April 6, 2014 –  by Peter B. Counter