Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Healthcare, Airports and Biometric Software

This week at findBIOMETRICS we put a close to Biometric Software Month, took another in-depth look at the automated border control eGate market and reported on healthcare deployments, physical access and innovations in fingerprint technology.

On Wednesday, in a webinar presented in association with Acuity Market Intelligence, Maxine Most took us through the second part of her investigation of the ABC eGate and kiosk market, this time specifically focused on airport deployments. The recording is now available to watch if you were unable to attend.

Serving as further evidence that the airport travel experience is becoming increasingly biometric, news from Australia indicates that the nation’s customs agency has narrowed their next gen border crossing solutions choice down to two. Vision-Box and Morpho will each have their biometric solutions trialed by Australian Customs, competing for the privilege of keeping the airways secure and the passenger experience convenient.

Staying on the topic of border control, Gemalto was selected to provide biometric passports to Moldova this week. The contract was awarded by the Center for State Information Resources and will see the company providing not just the secure documents, but also integration services support during the issuance process.

Cognitec announced this week that it has upgraded its FaceVACs VideoScan offering, a move made in response to a growing number of use cases for real time facial recognition in video streams.. Now available in version 5.2, the technology that allows for real-time face recognition in live video streams includes the latest facial biometric algorithm B8, as well as major system upgrades.

Law enforcement in the UK will be using video scanning, face recognition and Big Data analytic technology to bring efficiency back to its workforce. MXSERVER A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution from Tygart Technology, has been made available in the cloud. The solution can process text, video and photo data, grouping and extracting relevant segments depicting people of interest

In fingerprint biometrics news, Lumidigm named MTRIX as its official European distributor, opening up the EU market for multispectral imaging technology. This expansion will be focusing on the enterprise market, specifically the hot areas of healthcare and finance.

Fingerprint biometric tech is at the heart of a new partnership announced this week. IDEX and Cypress joined forces with the goal of developing advanced fingerprint recognition.

Meanwhile, BioCatch announced that it is introducing behavioral biometrics to online stores in order to cut down fraud in online shopping. A form of invisible biometrics, BioCatch’s solution is meant to remove the need for annoying but necessary CAPTCHA security while ensuring that suspicious behavior befitting of fraudsters is checked immediately.

Keeping people out of inaccessible areas is the basis behind a recent deployment of ZKTeco technology in Jakarta. This week we took a look at an office building that uses biometrics to ensure that its elevators are kept secure, only alowing passengers to access floors for which they are cleared to travel.

Finally, we ended the week off with two healthcare news items. New Delhi medical dispensaries are going to be employing biometric time and attendance to address complaints of staff truancy. It is an interesting example, considering that in the case of healthcare discussions usually revolve around deployments like the newest one out of the American Midwest.

Allina Health announced that it will be using technology from Omnicell Inc. to bring time efficiency and security to clinic staff. The automated medication cabinets use biometrics to eliminate the security issues inherent in shareable or losable options like passwords and security cards. Additionally, it saves time and keeps more accountable access records.

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June 1, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter