Biometrics Industry News Roundup: The Face (and Voice) of The Consumer

tumblr_n5qzgsZfO41tbxd4lo1_1280This week at FindBiometrics we continued to explore our featured theme of the month, voice recognition, while facial recognition, consumer biometrics, access control and mobility made up the identity management industry news.

Here is a look back on the week’s top stories:


The theme of February at FindBiometrics is voice recognition, and this week we took a look at how the handsfree modality has been finding its way into the mainstream thanks to its unique strengths. Next week we’ll be presenting an exclusive webinar on the same topic, and it’s not too late to sign up by clicking the link below.

Voice Month at FindBiometrics is made possible by our sponsors: AGNITiO, VoiceVault and SpeechPro USA.

Voice Month: The Place For Voiceprints

Special Webinar: Voice Biometrics in a Multi-Modal Future


In this week’s featured article we touch on the role that the mobile revolution is playing in bringing voice biometrics to the mainstream, but as regular readers are no doubt already aware: biometrics and mobility are a hot topic in the news these days too. This week we saw two new patents that might bring fingerprint sensors in new places on our smartphones while hints surfaces regarding how biometrics will fit in to the Apple Watch. In Pakistan, official considered extending the deadline to biometrically register citizen cell phones and in China Meizu partnered with Trustonic to bring Trusted Execution Environments to its mobile devices.

Trustonic to Provide TEEs Security for Meizu Devices

Pakistan Considers Extension to Biometric Cell Phone Registration Deadline

Apple Job Posting Hints at Advanced Biometrics for Apple Watch

South Korean Company Patents Display Panel Fingerprint Sensor

Touch ID in a Touch Screen? It Could Happen

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition was back in the news this week, with social networks implementing it in an automated capacity.  Facebook’s DeepFace auto tagging feature for photo albums has us once again talking about this modality’s role in user privacy, while a new bot for Tinder promises to streamline the modern digital hook up process.

In less controversial news, Cognitec Systems announced a major upgrade to its facial recognition software.

Here are the week’s top stories in facial recognition:

Facial Recognition Changes The Dating Game

Facebook DeepFace Feature Can Automatically Tag People in Photos

Cognitec Upgrades Facial Scanning Software


This week we reported on new research that forecasts growing adoption rates in consumer biometric technology to the point that, before the end of 2017, the consumer and enterprise sectors are expected to surpass the government sector. We also were talking about residential biometrics this week as Control4 announced that it ill be including biometrics from Invixium in its home automation product line. On a slightly creepy note (it is Friday the 13th after all) Samsung found itself at the center of some controversy after comments suggesting that its new smart TVs may be sending conversation data to third parties.

Global Biometrics Market: Consumer/Enterprise Sectors to Surpass Government Sector

Control4 to Bring Invixium Biometrics into Smart Home Offerings

Samsung To Users: Your New TV Is Listening

All Kinds of Money

Finance is a major area of application in biometrics, as evidenced by this week’s news that EyeVerify will be further entering the banking industry thanks to a new deal with Digital Insight. Matters of finance are also important in encouraging innovation in the identity industry, and this week the NSTIC National Public Office announced its funding opportunities for 2015, calling for applicants interested in innovative pilot projects.

Company money made the news this week too,  with Bio-key International, ImageWare Systems and Aware, Inc. all reporting positive financial news.

NSTIC NPO Announces 2015 Pilot Funding Opportunities

Digital Insight to Bring EyeVerify Tech to Financial Sector

Aware, Inc. Posts Strong Overall Results for 2014 Fiscal Year

Bio-key Implements One-for-Two Reverse Stock Split

ImageWare Shares Plan Goes Off Without a Hitch

Access Control

Biometrics continued to become more accessible this week as three pieces of news had vendors announcing big things in physical security systems. EnterTech Systems announced the launch of BioConnect 3.0; Idesco partnered with FST to bring behavioral biometrics to physical access control; and Zwipe partnered with HID global, massively boosting the number of doors its proprietary biometric card can open.

Here is what the week was like in physical access control news:

EnterTech Brings BioConnect 3.0 Platform to UK, North America, Puerto Rico

Idesco and FST Partner, Offer Passive Authentication for Access Control

Zwipe Integrates With HID Global, Makes Biometric Upgrade Accessible


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February 13, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter