Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Closing the Door on Physical Access Control Month

April has come to a close and with it, findBIOMETRICS’ first Physical Access Control Month. In addition to the regular industry news that the week contained, we took a look back on the month long investigation into physical biometric security applications.

The physical access control news doesn’t end with our special focus month however, as a number of news items illustrated this past week. Fujitsu Frontech North America, for instance, announced the release of a new physical access control solution called PalmLock. Using Fujitsu PalmSecure technology and realtime North America’s access management software, PalmLock is posturing itself to address the barriers of biometric access adoption.

Sticking with the topic of physical access just a little longer, Viscount Systems announced yet another two contracts from the US Federal Government that will see the company rolling out its Freedom access control solution to Florida and Maine.

Meanwhile, EnterTech Systems and Suprema have expanded their partnership to include the United Kingdom and Ireland. The companies have long been partners, with EnterTech selling Suprema readers in Canada and the US, now with this new region to focus on it seems that they will be breaking down adoption barriers across the pond now.

Finance and biometrics were in the news this week too, with EyeVerify announcing a  new partnership that will see its eyeprint verification technology protecting online banking transactions. EyeVerify was selected by The System Works Group as an option for its customers that use the NetTeller Mobile Money app. Now, users can choose eyeprints to replace their PINs or as a secondary authentication factor when banking with their smartphone.

This week we also posted news about DNA biometrics – something of a rare occurrence. Morpho (Safran) partnered with IntegenX in order to market its DNA identification technology. IntegenX’s RapidHIT solution can generate DNA profiles based on submitted samples and Morpho will be marketing it to government and law enforcement agencies across the globe.

Finally, BIO-key International reported its Q1 2014 financial results on Thursday, in conjunction with a conference call broadcast over the Internet. Things are looking positive for BIO-key, and those wanting more details but missed the webcast can find a recording of it on the official BIO-key website until June.

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May 4, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter