Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Border Control, Biometric Payment and Multi-Modal Month

This past week at findBIOMETRICS was filled with a diverse selection of news, a nice convenience considering that the wide range of topics, applications and technologies is the focus of our first ever Multi-Modal Month. We saw some leadership changes at Precise Biometrics, a number of border control stories, the birth of a new company, a bunch of access control news and even an examination of two X-Men films.

On Monday, Precise Biometrics announced that it will be remaining under the leadership of Håkan Persson, appointing him as CEO. Persson was named interim CEO in November 2013 as the board of directors searched for a replacement to Thomas Marschall. Later in the week another addition was made to the Precise management team with the appointment of Daniel Edlund as corporate marketing manager.

Recently at findBIOMETRICS we have discussed the automated border control markets extensively, specifically through our two-part webinar series focusing on eGates and kiosks. This focus has its roots in market analysis showing that the ABC eGate and kiosk market is on the rise. Not unrelated is the current influx of eGate and kiosk related news.

This week CLEAR announced that its automated biometric express lanes will be opening in Las Vegas at McCarran International Airport. Meanwhile, VisionBox named an approximate date for its automated border control passenger experience’s arrival in Brazil’s São Paulo International Airport, promising face and iris recognition to be speeding travelers through checkpoints by August.

Cross Match Technologies launched its Guardian Module for biometric border control, too. A complete biometric capture solution designed for seamless integration with kiosks and eGates, the Guardian Module includes ten-print technology, biometric middleware and a customizable user guidance interface.

Biometric technology isn’t just making travel easier on users, it’s also increasingly promising convenience and security for financial transactions. This week, France’s interbank network announced that it is currently evaluating the use of biometrics in payment transactions, eyeing a Natural Security Alliance defined strong authentication standard – one combining fingerprint authentication and a proximity token – that it is expected to approve before the end of 2014.

Staying on the topic of money, BioCatch completed a round of funding to the tune of $10 million for its behavioural biometric solution. BioCatch  is a behavioral biometric solution that works towards detecting humans on the other end of online transactions in order to prevent fraud. Collecting and analyzing more than 400 bio-behavioral, cognitive and physiological traits, the company’s solution creates user profiles for online banking and commerce sites. The new funding will be used to expand research and development efforts, as well as continue company growth, in American and European markets.

Biometrics are creating jobs, with MorphoTrust USA (Safran) announcing this week that it has opened a new facility in Springfield, Illinois. The building boasts an expanded customer service center, a detail that stands to see the company hiring 50 new employees while retaining all 106 support representatives.

AOptix Technologies announced a new biometrics division called Terrain Biometrics. The new division is dedicated to providing customers across the globe with usable and accurate ID verification solutions. It will retain AOptix’s core product development, sales and marketing team but, in order to lend stronger focus to the biometrics market, will be operating as a division.

Finally, rounding out the week was some physical access news. Suprema announced that its biometric access and time attendance solutions were certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards. According to Suprema’s announcement, it is the first to receive BIS certification in biometric access control and time time attendance, a distinction it shares with its local partner A-ID Systems.

ZKTeco brought the conversation back to the topic biometric access in luxury homes for the second time this month, releasing a statement regarding a São Paulo Residence that uses the company’s identity management solutions to automate living functions. Future residents at the Katherine Anália Franco building will be able to authenticate as they enter their home and preferential home comfort will begin. The blinds will open automatically, the TV can be set to turn on to a favorite channel, climate control settings will take effect and lights will turn to ideal preset conditions.

Stay posted to findBIOMETRICS through the coming week as we start to wrap up Multi-Modal Month and bring you all the most relevant identity management news. Be sure to follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss a beat.

June 22, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter