Biometrics in the Financial Call Center

February 26, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter     

It used to be the only way that you knew who was on the other end of the phone was if you were the one who dialed the number, and even then you were leaving a lot up to trust. There are tax collections scams old enough to have Facebook accounts based on the simple fact that the recipients of an incoming phone call only hear a voice and what it has to say when they pick up from a number they don’t recognize. Thankfully, advances in voice biometric recognition technology are pulling back the veil of phone secrecy when it comes to some of the most critical phone calls you’ll make.

Today, United Bank Limited was announced to have selected VoiceTrust’s VTAssure voice biometrics platform for on-the-line customer identification that goes far beyond asking for a PIN, password or security question.

The deployment is intended to protect United Bank’s retail and enterprise customers from fraud, automatically verifying caller ID through the measurement of the speaker’s vocal measurements. This sort of solution is ideal for call center operations, which of course interface with customers solely by having them speak and enter numbers. It is the least friction possible while offering on-the-phone strong authentication: not even requiring the user to move the device from where they feel most comfortable speaking into it.

“We are pleased to receive this opportunity to expand the impact voice biometrics has on security and customer experience in the global financial sector,” says VoiceTrust CEO Tariq Habib. “Our voice biometrics solutions help organizations such as UBL deliver the optimal balance between security, convenience, and cost savings.”

Additionally, United Bank Limited will be using VoiceTrust’s Proof-of-Life solution to layer on an extra level of voice-based biometric security when it comes to protecting pensioners from fraud. and over payment.

Voice biometrics are receiving an increase in popularity as of late, with the modality receiving quite a bit of attention at this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. AGNITiO has received recognition from Envisioneering for its KIVOX voice biometric SDK, and Oberthur Technologies is currently showcasing it’s SESAMES Award winning “My Voice is My Password” solution (which is built with AGNITiO’s Voice iD engine).

Thanks to these innovations and deployments, knowing who’s talking has never been more organic while being less invasive.