News Roundup: Biometrics In Banking

This past week at FindBiometrics: Financial Biometrics Month continued as we examined the benefits of biometric banking and released new videos from the recent Money20/20 conference. In the news we saw novelty, innovation and diversity when reporting on new products and integrations, while Q3 2015 reports kept trickling in.

Here is a look back on last week’s top stories in global Identity management:

Financial Biometrics Month: Banking

News Roundup: Biometrics In BankingNovember is Financial Biometrics Month at FindBiometrics and as such we took time last week to examine how biometrics are benefiting personal banking form a security and convenience standpoint. In the news we saw the Hawaii Bankers Association oppose a letter that supported EMV and PIN tech, favoring security alternatives like biometrics. In the meantime, Visa’s new trial has been replacing credit card tech with finger vein scanning, and late last week we released new video footage from the recent Money20/20 FinTech conference.

Financial Biometrics Month: The Benefits of Biometric Banking

VIDEO: Nok Nok Labs at Money20/20

VIDEO: Sensory, Inc. at Money 20/20

VIDEO: ImageWare Systems at Money20/20

Hawaii Bankers Association, AG Oppose Pro-EMV Letter

Visa Trial Links Credit Card to Finger Vein Biometrics

Access Control

Biometric Access ControlNovelty was the name of the game in physical access control last week, with reporting on a biometric bike lock that’s being funded through Kickstarter and fingerprint sensor protected gun magazines. In logical access control we had big news from ImageWare Systems, which released its Cloud2Drive solution on Amazon Web Services.

Kickstarter Campaign Raises Funds for Biometric Bike Lock

Clipfort Brings Biometric Access Control to Guns

Cloud2Drive Debuts on Amazon Web Services


rp_62157982_thumbnail2-e1434567624147-300x176.jpgIn mobility news last week we heard reports that the latest iOS update has been causing problems with Touch ID sensors, while South Korean telecoms took moves to begin offering FIDO Ready services to customers in March of 2016. We got a sneak peak of the upcoming Vivo X6 handset, which looks like it will be sporting a fingerprint sensor, and we got an argument in favor of Match-on-Sensor in the ongoing debate of where authentication should occur.

iOS Update Causing Some Touch ID Issues

Will The Vivo X6 Feature a Fingerprint Sensor?

Synaptics Exec Weighs In On Match-on-Sensor vs Match-on-Host

South Korean Telecoms Aim To Offer FIDO Ready Services by March


Biometric Voter RegistrationThe deadline for enrollment to vote in the 2016 Philippines federal election is to weeks behind us, but news around the ambitious voter ID project is still bubbling up. Last week we saw the Philippines elections commission move to disenfranchise unregistered voters while, somewhat paradoxically, making time to re-enroll voters whose data has been corrupted.

Comelec Moves Disenfranchise Unregistered Voters

Comelec Makes Allowance for Voters with Corrupted Biometric Data

Law Enforcement and Border Control

Biometric Border ControlRussia made border control news last week with the announcement that it will be implementing fingerprint enrollment for migrant workers, while news surfaced that Russian citizens seeking Schengen visas will need to submit their own biometric data. Two news items, meanwhile, had us talking about air travel and biometrics, with a new white paper from Tascent and Vision-Box scoring a new backer. Law enforcement was in the news last week too, thanks to a new award received by the FBI for the ambitious Next Generation Identification project.

Russia to Implement Electronic Fingerprint Scanning for Migrant Workers

Fingerprints Required From Russian Citizens Seeking Schengen Visas

Biometrics Could Bring ‘New Golden Age for Air Travel’: Tascent

FBI’s NGI Wins ACT-IAC Award for ‘Excellence in Intergovernmental Collaboration’

Vision-Box Gets Keensight Capital Backing

Fingerprint, Iris and Face

HiResIt was another multimodal week at FindBiometrics with fingerprint sensors in connected cars, facial recognition on social media, and a new report on iris recognition. Goodix won two innovation awards in advance of the upcoming CES 2016, and Microsoft introduced a biometric web app that uses facial recognition to analyse emotions in photogroahs.

Synaptics Fingerprint Sensors and The Connected Car

Goodix Wins Two Innovation Awards Ahead of CES 2016

Facebook Launches Photo Magic Biometric App

Microsoft Biometric System Aims to Analyze Emotions

Iris Recognition Market Rises as Costs Fall: Report

Getting Fiscal

cashWe are firmly in the fourth quarter of 2o15, and as such we are seeing the last of the Q3 fiscal reports come in. Today we are expecting results from both ImageWare Systems and BIO-key respectively.

Looking beyond the quarterly reports, but sticking with the financial operations angle, we saw NEXT Biometrics apply to transfer its shares from Oslo Axess to the Oslo Stock Exchange main list.

BIO-key to Issue Q3 Results November 16th

ImageWare to Announce Q3 Results Nov. 16

NEXT Applies to Transfer Shares to Main Stock Market

Mergers and Acquisitions

Finger scanner iconsLast week BIO-key landed a major investment deal that saw it winning a robust IP portfolio while VoiceTrust merged with USoft to become BioTrust. Here’s the mergers and acquisitions news from the week that was:

BIO-key Acquires IP Portfolio in Major Investment Deal

VoiceTrust and USoft Merge to Form BioTrust

Healthcare and Education

EducationBiometrics and education made headlines last week with the announcement that Panjab University will be gradually rolling out a new attendance tracking system. Meanwhile, a Dutch innovation museum deployed FST Biometrics’ IMID solution to enhance its own educational experience. Healthcare was in the news too last week with Caradigm launching an EPCS solution.

India’s Panjab University to Roll Out Biometric Attendance Tracking

Caradigm Launches EPCS Solution

FST Biometrics’ IMID Tech Deployed at Innovation Museum


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November 16, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter