UK Biometrics Company Builds Credibility in Construction Industry

A construction project in the Shetland Isles took advantage of ievo biometric access control to great effect, the company reports. In a case study, the UK-based company highlights how Morrison Construction Limited and Shetland Facilities Management (SFM) Security used its system to enable more efficient workforce and workplace management.

UK Biometrics Company Builds Credibility in Construction Industry

(image via ievo)

It was a school construction project, with Morrison and SFM contracted to build New Anderson High School’s main building and residences. It required a large workforce working in two distinct construction zones, and to manage access to the sites SFM worked with GTS Direct to build two gates, each using a pair of full-height, enclosed turnstiles, which were equipped with ievo fingerprint readers. Staff were enrolled using ievo’s USB desktop enrollment solution, and could then access the sites as appropriate via the automated fingerprint scanning system.

In a statement commenting on the deployment, SFM Director of Security Simon Orchard said ievo’s system “allows us to save costs whilst also improving efficiency,” and that its devices “are easy to install, robust, operational in harsh climates and working conditions and surpass all our operational needs.” Orchard added that SFM is planning to use ievo technology again in its next project.

The testimony further burnishes ievo’s credibility in the construction industry, where its solutions have proven popular, and should help to build momentum for the industrial biometric access control market more broadly.

July 14, 2016 – by Alex Perala