Biometrics Come To COMBANK Via Fiserv

Commercial Bank of Ceylon (or ‘COMBANK’), a major Sri Lankan bank, is about to get an IT upgrade from Fiserv, the latter has announced.Fiserv to Enable Biometric Authentication, Other Digital Services for COMBANK Customers

The bank will implement Fiserv’s DigitalAccess platform. The new digital banking solution will support multiple local languages including Sinhala, Tamil, Bengali, and Divehi. As for functionality, it will allow customers to do things like open accounts and apply for credit cards without having to actually come to a bank branch; and it will offer customers push notifications and biometric authentication options.

In a statement announcing the project, Fiserv Asia Pacific SVP Marc Mathenz explained that “[c]onsumer expectations of their financial services providers have never been higher, and this is increasingly true in mobile-first markets, where many consumers have leapfrogged over traditional financial service models to engage digitally” – trends that have prompted COMBANK to seek Fiserv’s DigitalAccess solution. For the bank’s part, COO S. Renganathan asserted, “DigitalAccess will allow us to quickly deliver new features and functionality to our increasingly tech-savvy customers, in their respective languages, helping us connect and engage with them more effectively.”

The project’s announcement comes after Fiserv announced it would upgrade Bank of Sidney’s digital banking services earlier this year.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)