Biometrics Against Child Abduction: M2SYS Announces KinderGuardian

February 4, 2013 – by Peter B. Counter     

There are a number of benefits to electronic health records (EHR) that use biometrics to track patient and physician interactions. The primary benefits of EHR solutions come in the form of efficiency: no more duplicate records, reduced risk of health fraud and prescription drug abuse, more accountability on the doctor’s end and precious time saved during the diagnosing process. All of this goes without mentioning the greatly useful side effect of the ability to create patient accounts in situations when language or literacy is a barrier. But what about when it comes to the increased safety of children?

M2SYS Healthcare Solutions announced today that its RightPatient iris biometric patient identification system will be entering the fight against child abduction. Billed as an “anti-abduction” system, the new KinderGaurdian is set to aid healthcare professionals in identifying missing children.

The program is completely voluntary, requiring parents or guardians to opt-in in order to enroll their child’s biometric profile and biographic information, which is then stored in the cloud (with a USB option for parents). If a child enrolled in KinderGuardian goes missing, their account is flagged, so when the abductee needs medical attention, a healthcare professional who uses M2SYS’s RightPatient will be immediately notified that they are dealing with a missing person.

President of M2SYS Technology, Michael Trader expands: “The fight to stop child abduction and locate the missing is often a confluence of several different entities working together to leverage each other’s resources. Knowing that we are providing a service to hospitals that helps ensure 100% patient identification accuracy encouraged us to develop KinderGuardian™ so that healthcare facilities can use the system in the fight to stop this terrible problem. Healthcare is a practical setting to launch this initiative, and we are committed to the cause of helping to stop child abduction by demonstrating the utility and resourcefulness of our RightPatient™ patient identification system.”

Child safety is starting to emerge as a popular platform for biometric enrollment services. Earlier this week MorphoTrust USA signed three major contracts in different states to provide enrollment services and biometric background checks on workers that frequently interact with or work in proximity to children. Biometrics can make things easier and more secure, saving money and time in business and services, but in the end the big target is the kind of safety and assurance that comes with a strong sense of identity.